What are Woom Bikes?

Woom Bikes are designed in Austria and are some of the lightest children's bikes on the market.


A combination of age appropriate components, obsessive attention to detail and bold design, Woom Bikes make a great choice to help your kids progress in their cycling journey.


Which Woom Bikes can I subscribe to?


We offer 4 different Woom bikes – the Woom 2, 3, 4 and 5. These bikes have the following size wheels:


Woom 2 : 14” wheels

Woom 3 : 16” wheels

Woom 4 : 20” wheels

Woom 5 : 24” wheels


What size do I need?


We always recommend using our interactive Bike Finder so that we can recommend the best bike for you.


Can the handlebars be adjusted?


The Woom 4 and 5 both have an adjustable handlebar stem which enables you to adjust the height of your bike’s handlebars. Woom have created a handy video showing how this can be done which you can see here.


Can stabilisers be added?


All single speed Woom bikes are fitted with a chain guard that protects the bike’s chain whilst the bike is being ridden. Unfortunately this means that our stabilisers aren’t compatible with Woom bikes, but as one of the lightest children’s bikes, they are still brilliant bikes to learn to ride on.

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